Over the years, there had been an upsurge in the teachings and emphasis on leadership. Books, tapes, conferences and training schools have emphasized the place and power of leadership in our lives, nation, economy, business and social lives. More than any other time, political, economic, business and spiritual leaders have come under intense scrutiny, assessment and blame by their subjects, people and associates.

In all these, there had been various definitions, systems, practice, methods and principles of leadership enunciated by these schools of thoughts. But if we really cut down the chase to the heart of the matter, leading or leadership is embedded in a person. It is in who you are first. The leader-person is more important than his leadership style. If the person is wrong, his style will be wrong. You cannot divorce a person from his leadership style. Therefore, all true leadership must start from you – your person, life, personality and who you really are.

A.​Biblical Foundation – I Sam. 22:1-2; II Sam. 22:3, 8-17; I Sam. 16:17-18, 7.

David is a classic case of leading from your life. He attracted who he really was then – men in distress, debt and disillusioned. But he eventually turned them to who he was internally – warriors, men of war, just, sacrificial and loyal associates – I Timothy 4:16; Acts 1:1.

▪ True leadership is a person impacting another person by example.

▪ Your life is your leadership. The power of your person impacts your leadership.

▪ You may attract whom you want, but you will reproduce in them who you are.

▪ If you don’t lead yourself well, you will make a poor job of leading others.

▪ True and transformational leadership is not found in position or title but in the life of the main leader.

▪ You cannot live wrong and lead right.

▪ People will always do what people see.

Spiritual, transforming, destiny-molding, impactful and dynamic leadership is not found in a position, title, age or experience, rather, it is found in a person. Secular, business and political leaders may live anyhow and still be able to dominate their people, but not so in the spiritual realm. If you are not a true model, living godly and imbibing spiritual leadership principles, you can never produce spiritual transformation in your leadership.

B.​When The Lord is Silent Over Your Life – I Kings 3:1-6; I Kings 11:1-10; Gen. 6:3

It is not every time that God will speak over the life of a leader. King Solomon is a good example here. He took a wrong decision to marry from Egypt, a clear disobedience to the law of God, yet God was silent about it until it destroyed him and his kingship. In actual fact, He still blessed him after he did the wrong thing!

God may be silent over your adultery, that doesn’t mean He approves it. God may be silent over your wrong way of starting your ministry, financial dealings, domineering leadership styles and flagrant disobedience to His word, but that doesn’t mean He approves it. But later your wrong living and decisions will ruin your leadership, just as it did to King Solomon.

C.​Lifting Off Your Limits – II Sam. 5:1-4

Every leader has limits over his life; nobody is born without them. Limits are the lids, seal and barriers that serve as limitations over your life and leadership. Young David and King Saul had limits over their lives.

✓ Things that limit you are around and within you.

✓ You are born with some limits, others are acquired.

✓ King Saul never removed his internal limits like fear, impatience, jealousy, insecurity, vengeful heart and impulsiveness.

✓ Young David has the limitations of his father, brothers, boss and poor background, but he learnt to remove them and gained leadership influence.

King Saul never won his inner battles. On the outside he was tall, good looking and well-built, however on the inside he was a small man.

Too many leaders have allowed sinful habits; wrong marriage; poor education; lack of resources; pride of position, unsupportive spouse; criticism and misrepresentation; inner fears and inferiority complex; depression due to calamities and problems to limit their lives and work for the Lord. If you don’t learn to lift off your limits, they will surely become your limitations.

D.​Living A Continually Improving Life – I Tim. 1:16; Titus 2:7-8; I Tim. 4:12.

You must live to lift your life first. You must be a good example and model of godliness. Your life must be a pattern for others to follow. One good example is worth more than 10,000 sermons. Every person, family, people, Nation, child and fellowship needs a good example to follow. And you can only do that by continuous improvement:-

1.​Examine yourself and don’t ever believe you have arrived.

2.​Pursue excellence and don’t rely on your gifts alone.

3.​Do everything to upgrade your heart in the Lord and your spiritual skills.

4.​Set your priorities right and practice what you learn.

5.​Nurture your time of communion with the Lord.

6.​Mortify the flesh and be filled with the Spirit.

7.​Learn to invest in and improve others.

8.​Let God purge and prune your life in His word always.

As your life improves, your leadership will also improve. As you become more spiritually matured, your leadership style will also mature and bless much more people.

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