The apostle Paul knew that false teachings infected the church at Corinth. Some teachers, who appeared on the outside to be “servants of righteousness” were actually only “false apostles, deceitful workers, disguising themselves as apostles of Christ” (2 Cor. 11:13-15). They infiltrated the church and brought with them another gospel. Today, ‘another gospel’ such as “You can be an immoral preacher and still continue in ministry”, “You can help the work of God with juju”, “You can prophecy to solve every problem by any means”, “Once miracles are happening, God is with you”, “Hyper-Grace enables you to live anyhow and God will still be blessing you”, have all infiltrated the body of Christ in the last several years and they are ruining the spiritual, godly life of Christ’s followers and have make the true church of Christ a laughingstock in the society

How does false teachings make their way into today’s church? Here are a few ways it happens:

  1. Failing to preach the Word of God. Many preachers and pastors today don’t teach the Word of God, but ideas of men. Many don’t have sound biblical training and interpretation before entering the ministry. I’m not convinced that everyone who claims to teach the Word of God truly does under the anointing of the Holy Spirit of God. All of us need other mentors, elders, staff members, or lay leaders who have our permission to help keep us true to the undiluted Word of God.
  1. Congregational assumptions that the preacher is always right. You’d hope no church truly reaches that conclusion, but I’ve seen churches that never understood their role to listen wisely and prayerfully to the Word being expounded. They may never make the statement that the preacher is always right, but they wouldn’t dare confront him with their biblical and theological questions.
  1. Poor discipleship in the church. Today most church services are hyped on Celebrations, Ceremonies and Collections, no time to teach and dissect the Word of God indeed and truth. Today, everything is prophecy and solutions to problems, why will not false doctrines thrive? When we don’t teach believers the Word and challenge them to obey what Jesus commanded, we give them few tools to evaluate the teaching they hear.
  1. Pastoral assertions that no one has a right to question the shepherd of God’s church. Again, I surely hope these pastors are few and far between, but they do exist. In actual fact they are in majority in Africa.In some cases, they view any questioners as their enemies and seek to run them off. Once we don’t want to be questioned on our preachings, false doctrines will thrive
  1. Too little attention to addressing false teachings that permeate society. If, for example, the church never clearly teaches that a personal relationship with Jesus is necessary for salvation, they shouldn’t be surprised when church members believe something different. Strong, intentional application of the biblical text can help us address these kinds of issues.
  1. Weak accountability for small groups and their leaders. It’s easy for small groups to strike out on their own, with little oversight and accountability for the teachings in the group. By the time church leaders learn about false teaching in the

group, the wrong ideas have often already spread.

  1. “Lone Ranger”leadership in the church. Beginning with the pastor, but also including staff and lay leaders, anyone who leads without genuine life-on-life interaction with other believers and leaders can be susceptible to going in the wrong direction theologically. There’s a reason God put us in the Body of Christ to help each other.
  1. Shallow or nonexistent review of curriculum or resources. Popularity of books, podcasts, websites, small group studies, etc., is not a guarantee of doctrinal fidelity. Even one poorly evaluated resource can create internal tension over suspect teachings. Unfortunately many church leaders don’t have credible and sound biblical resources they can consult in the preparation of their lesson and preaching notes
  1. No prayer to guard against the enemy’s attacks. The same enemy who attacked the church at Corinth aims his arrows at our churches as well. At a minimum, it is wise for us to pray, “Father, deliver us from the evil one’s devices. Help us to stand continually on Your Word.”
  1. Wayward living by church leaders

Lots of church leaders digress into false teaching when they copy the ungodly examples of other leaders who are building doctrines on their wayward and immoral lifestyles. I have seen pastors, bishops that fell into immoral and financial scandals and they build teachings around it and preach it to their mentees and body of Christ in their conferences and books. Unfortunately, the deceived took it hook line and sinker and begins to propagate such errors in their churches, thereby polluting the body of Christ.

Genuine and concerned Christians and church leaders must rise up, stand against false teachings in our churches and defend the integrity of the gospel. It’s our responsibility according Jude 3….” earnestly contend for the faith that was once delivered to the saints”

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