The church is never man’s idea, but that of the Lord, who said during his earthly ministry, ” I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it” (Matt. 16:18). In true scriptural sense, the true church is never a building, a place but the gathering,fellowship, congregation and assembly of God’s called out people unto Himself. (Matt. 18:20)

The Lord Jesus usually raise men and women to build His church among nations, people and societies of the world. And in the centuries since his ascension to heaven, men and women has risen, claiming authorization from Christ to build and raise different kinds of churches in centuries past and present. Either denominational, independent, orthodox, traditional, indigenous, prosperity, grace, family, deliverance, holiness or evangelistic churches, I want to say there only three forms of churches. Here they are:-


These are churches, irrespective of name and affiliations are truly, genuinely and sincerely committed to Christ. They honor and submit to the Lordship of Christ and allow his rule and reign in their churches. They preach Christ Jesus and make him known to each individual. They lift nothing up but Christ. They abide by His word and practically live for Him alone. They are committed to His teachings and raise disciples for Him alone. Their commitment to Christ makes them to do church like Him, follow Him, obey Him, live like Him, show Him and proclaim Him in the very way to others. They allow the Spirit of Christ–the Comforter to guide, lead, dominate and direct in everything. His gifts and graces are allowed to manifest often and Christ is glorified in everything and every way. Surely, a committed church is build on the Foundation of Christ, His eternal teachings and His Holy Spirit. No other foundation will stand! (I Corinthians 3:11)


These are churches that wants to conform to the world around it and not be too different.  This is a lukewarm church that wants to have a taste of the world and Christ also. They want to be politically correct and offend nobody. They want to stand in the middle, not dancing to the tunes of the world too much, and also not too radical for the Lord! They preach esoteric gospel that changes nor transforms nobody. Such compromising churches usually reinvent the Bible, and explain away serious bible truths, permits ‘little’ sins, overlook serious issues as ‘weakness’ and  keeps quiet when Christ is being dragged in the mud and crucified again afresh.

Compromising churches wants the gold, glitter and glory of this world as much as possible and still holds lightly to Christ. They want to be ‘happen to Churches’ and align with the government, people and happenings of modern society without taking scriptural stand for Christ, His eternal word and righteousness. These are largely thermometer churches– changing with the environment, neither here nor there. No clear voice for scriptural truth against sin, injustices, ungodliness and eternity. Surely, a compromising church is build on the foundation of modern fads, funds, fame and females. A fickle and broken cisterns that can hold no water. (Jeremiah 2:15)


These are churches that has already backslides into the world. It is a religious center, devoid of Christ, His wholesome teachings and Spirit. It’s a church steep in traditions, practices and doctrines that are carnal, sinful, satanic and immoral. It is a church that mixes African traditional religion with bible practices. ‘Prophetic works’, sangoma powers, occult practices, demonic displays are common place in the meetings and services. Telling people to bring animals, waters,cloths, honey, salt, trees, monies and fruits  for prayer sacrifices are common place in a compromised churches.

In most cases, a compromised church is the personal kingdom, empire of the founder or general overseer. It’s also an occult enclave that fleece rather than feed people for Christ. It’s an abusive church where people are sexually, morally, financially, mentally, physiologically and maritally abused. It’s difficult to leave such churches because of threats, curses and intimidations.

Yes, the material, financial and physical prosperity are there, but it’s a house of bondage because there is no freedom from sin, Satan and sicknesses. No peace with Christ and no freedom to pursue spiritual heights in Christ Jesus. Surely, a compromised church is built on the foundation of Demonic, Satanic, human and carnal efforts to appease, help and assist God to bless His people. A vain effort of man to approach his maker–a religious spirit that leads to perdition. (Isaiah 1:11-18)

IN SUMMARY, only churches that are truly and practically committed to Christ her Lord will Last and take people to heaven, according to the uniform testimony of the Scripture.

Compromising churches that gives false hope to people will be spued out by Christ and perish with the world it loves.

While a compromised church will bring shame to Christ, ruin and destroy the lives and destinies of many and will be judged by the Lord severely!

Now, which church are you? Which church are you building? Are you a committed, compromising or compromised church?

It’s not too late, you can still retrace your way back to Christ and His infallible Word today!

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