Renewal, restoration and revival can only come to the church today when the quality of ministers meets up to divine expectations. Ministers make the ministry. The church will continue to lay prostrate as long as we have incompetent, incredible, secularised, fireless, passionless, prayerless, worldly, carnal and powerless ministers leading her. The church will only move with the move of her ministers.

Today, we have ministers that are weak in every area: eye weakness; heart weakness; feet weakness, leg weakness, knee weakness, hand weakness; the more reason the church is floundering on every side. Weak ministers cannot receive the inflow of God’s power and be clean channels of His glory. It’s time to become the minister that the Holy Spirit can really flow through today like never before (Heb.12:12-13).

Scriptural Foundation for competent and credible Ministers – I Tim. 3:1-5; II Cor. 6:3-10

Minister is the general name for workers in the vineyard of the Lord. Every other name – pastor, prophet, evangelist – is encompassed by the minister. A minister means a servant, representative of a superior; someone who delivers what he or she is given; a vessel through which messages can flow in a clean, clear and conducive way, someone who has been and is still being made by Christ (II Tim. 2:19-21; II Cor. 5:18-20).

* Ministers are crucial to the plan and purpose of God

* Ministers are the ambassadors of Christ in the world

* God will not work nor move without ministers

* The life of ministers will be the ceiling for the church.

* The sins of ministers will be the sins of the church

* The spiritual quality of ministers will be the spiritual quality of the church

* When ministers are clean and pure vessels, God will flow mightily.

It has been estimated that only 5% of ministers are adequately trained for ministry. And every minister MUST have Formal, Informal and Non-Formal Training continually so as to be competent and credible in ministry. When ministers becomes what the Lord intends them to be by solid and sound training, the church will experience Healthy Growth.

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