“And say to Archippus, Take heed to the ministry which though hast received in the Lord, that thou fulfill it”. Colossians 4:17

All of us in ministry, either on part-time or full-time basis or in the market place needs to know what being in ministry is all about. True ministry is not about ourselves, but about others. It’s not about what you achieve, acquire or attain. Ministry is not just aimless activities, but meaningful specifics. When the work’s tough, we need reminders of why we do what we do.

Here are some fundamentals of ministry work that have helped me press on in faith through the years:

  1. Seeing the look of absolute joy on a new believer who has just make decision for Christ after hearing a gospel message and is being water baptized

. You can’t explain it; you just have to see it.

  1. Telling Bible stories to children, youths and congregations that hang on every word. Only God knows how He will use that Word to change their lives.
  1. Praying with someone seeking God in faith and repentance. I’ve guided new converts who’ve had no idea how to pray, and I’ve also listened as others launched into their own prayers. Either way, it’s glorious.
  1. Renewing vows for a reunited couple. In this case, saying “I do” again is a witness to the power of God’s love and a testimony against the wiles of the devil.
  1. Telling the story of Jesus to people who’ve never heard it. Sometimes, watching them pay attention takes you back to when the gospel story first fascinated you, too.
  1. Experiencing or hearing answers to prayer that can’t be explained apart from, “God did that.” When His power is most evident, you realize again that He’s the living God.
  1. Celebrating the passing of a saint. This one may sound morbid, but it’s not at all. Standing beside the bedside or casket of a departed believer has brought some of my strongest ministry memories. I’m reminded then that what we do has eternal ramifications.
  1. Bringing the Healing Power of God to the body, soul and spirit of the people. True ministry must set people free from the bondage of sin,Satan and sicknesses,diseases. It’s a joy and privilege of ministry.
  1. Singing with missionaries in their mother tongue. There’s nothing quite like it. Joining with faithful believers to sing God’s praise in their own language—especially after they’ve been struggling learning another one—is captivating.
  1. Listening to a young preacher fumble his way through his first sermon.We’ve usually been there ourselves, so we understand the struggle. Raw, yet unpolished commitment in the hand of God, though, is inspiring.
  1. Serving the Lord’s Supper to qualified believers. This ordinance takes us to the cross in preparation for His return—and we get to lead others to share in the act. It’s a holy moment.
  1. Seeing a new convert developed into a disciple, discovering ministry and being released into it. This is the ultimate joy of ministry.
  1. Teaching the doctrines of the Bible and truths of ministry to ministers in training. It’s a fulfilling task to lecture, train and prepare others for ministry, through laying a good scriptural foundation for them, so that they would build their work on the undiluted Word of God.

True ministry unto the Lord is all about people. It’s not about using people to build a great “church”, but about using church to build a great people for the Lord.

All the work of ministry centered around getting sinners to know Jesus; assimilating them into local fellowship of believers; disciple them to matured saints, mentor them by precept and practice; discovering their gifts and graces; and releasing them to bring others to the Lord.

Either you function as

Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor or Teacher, this is the whole meaning of ministry and what you must use your ministry to accomplish for the Lord.

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