Leadership is influence in the church. In other organizations, if all else fails, the leader can rely on his position to cow the people into submission. But in the church, leaders only have their influence to aid them. This is so because positional leadership doesn’t work much. If a leader doesn’t have influence, he will simply become ineffective. But how many church leaders and female ministers understand this thing call influence? Lack of leadership understanding is the cause of much crisis, breakaway and multifarious problems in the church today.

  1. Definition and Biblical Basis: II Sam. 5:1-2; Joshua 1:17; 3:7; Judges 2:7; John 21:2-3

Influence is the capacity to make people follow you without forcing them. Influence is when people follow you whole-heartedly without gimmick, threats, cunningness, craftiness and force. Real influence is being the person others will gladly and confidentially follow. (1 Kings 21:25) Female ministers and Pastors’ wives must especially build their influence. They can influence their husbands positively or negatively, – like the wife of Martin Luther, Mother-in-law of Yonggi Cho, Elizabeth Dabney and Mrs. Catherine Booth. Female ministers are crucial in every church because there are much women, girls, and families that need their ministrations.

Facts About Influence:

❖ Influence cannot be mandated, it must be earned.

❖ Without influence, people will not follow you

❖ When a leader has little influence, little can be accomplished – Numbers 13:26-33

❖ Influence doesn’t come automatically, it is a process.

❖ Your level of influence is not static – it is either progressing or regressing.

❖ People listen to an influential leader.

❖ You either build or bust your influence by your actions.

❖ When a leader has much influence, much can be achieved.

Durable church growth and health demands that the pastor/leader must have the greatest influence in the church.

Factors for Influence in Leadership:

When these factors are evident in the lives of leaders, they cannot but attract and influence people.

  1. Integrity​- Integrity is the father, while trust is the mother. Both gave birth to influence.
  2. Character​- People cannot rise above the limitations of their character. It is not made in crisis, but revealed there.
  3. Trust​​- If you cannot be trusted, you cannot be followed.
  4. Care​​- People don’t care how much you know until they know how

much you care.

  1. Vision​- Your vision, purpose and direction will attract the right people.
  2. Nurture​- Your interest in people and willingness to nurture them count so


  1. Generousity​- If leaders err at all, it must be in the area of generousity.
  2. Personal Growth​- You cannot lead further than you have gone yourself.
  3. Divine approval​- The profit of divine approval must show in tangible


  1. Approachable​- Humility, openness, transparency, relational skills and

personal warmness always draw people to leaders.

Limitation to Influence Building:

❖ Lack of improvement

❖ Untrustworthiness

❖ Inferiority complex

❖ Unforgiving spirit and revenge minded.

❖ Inability to accept and cope with others.

❖ Carnality and ungodly lifestyle

❖ Selfishness and tight-fistedness.

❖ Lack of integrity.

❖ Abusive and derogatory.

❖ Unappreciative of others

❖ Judgmental and condemning

❖ Incompetence and not growing.

How To Build Your Influence

  1. Lead yourself well​- All leadership start from your life.
  2. Intensive prayers​- God’s Spirit can enable and empower you.
  3. Embrace change​- work at change and improving yourself.
  4. Invest in your leadership – Acquire relevant leadership skills. People must feel being well led.
  5. Proactive not reactive – Stop complaining and start acting.
  6. Consistent godly character​- Your consistency will win people to you.
  7. Production – Produce results, resources, men and materials
  8. Stand for what is right – Do the right thing and do what is right
  9. Be a man of your word – Your actions and your word must agree together.
  10. Show real interest in people – People love those who love them.

Your influence as leader has less to do with your position or title than it does with the life you live. It’s not about position, but production. It’s not the education you have, but the empowerment you give that makes a difference to others.

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