” Lying lips are abomination to the LORD; but they that deal truly are His delight” (pro.12:22) ” I hate and abhor lying…” Psalm119:163. “Wherefore putting away lying,speak every man truth with his neighbor…” Ephesians 4:25.

Recently, a pastor and church leader tried  to get across to me to apologize for all the lies he has previously told about me and my ministry. Previously, he has reported me to seniors in the faith, sent lawyers after me and threatened to sue me to court. He said many unprintable things about me, which are founded upon lies and figment of somebody’s imaginations. After some years, he tried to mend the damage he has done to our relationship. I forgive him and moved on with my life and work.

Now, this is almost a daily occurrence in life and ministry. Ordinarily, getting born again should save us from lying. The scriptures quoted above shows clearly that  the Lord hates lies,lairs and lying in whatever guise.

Lies are untruth, false information, and embellishment,deceit, sarcastic comments to the truth, extra-stretching of the truth, plus projecting the image of who you are not. Unfortunately, lies are so common in the world, that even ministry leaders have become stylish liars.  Goverment  lies, politicians lie, governors lie and pastors also lies. We lie about our age, church, ministry, marriage, miracles, wealth, worth and travels. I see many lies on what some of us post on our Facebook page as impact of our  lives and ministries. We misinform people about ourselves, others and destroy others so that we can appear good. We camouflage our intentions and make our people to believe a lie about us. We deceive and twist the truth in our own favour. We lie in the pulpit and claim what we have never done to appear powerful before others.

Well, here are facts about lies;

  1. Liars are abominations to the Lord– God hates those that lies and will destroy their work
  2. Once you start lying, you will have to keep on lying to cover your first lies
  3. There is no official lie for a christian. There is no black or white lie. All lying is sin before God
  4. The lie you spread about others will soon catch up with you. The lie about yourself will soon be exposed. You may deceive people for sometime, but not forever.

5.The work or life you build on lies will later crumble like pack of cards. No lying ministry will survive for long.

  1. The truth you dread and run away from today will slowly catch up with you sooner or later.
  2. Lying might bring you temporary relief and succor, but it will bring you open and eternal regret and shame.

Conclusively, if you don’t quit lying by living, speaking truthfully, lying will kill and destroy you, now and later

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