Apostle Paul was inspired by the Holy Spirit to write to his son, Timothy, to study to show thyself approved unto God.(2timothy2:15). This was even after Timothy has already started pastoring. Paul also provided quality training and retraining for the Ephesians elders (ministers) in Acts 20:17-36. Actually, that was the culmination of their three years trainings under the tutelage of the apostle.

Ministerial health demands that ministers of God must continually undergo three type of trainings in ministry.(a) Formal trainings in a bible school, (b) Informal trainings through seminars and specialized courses, and (c) Non-formal trainings through proper mentoring, discipleship, accountability and apprenticeship.

Lawyers, Medical doctors, Pilots, Engineers and every profession that has to do with human lives mandatorily must go through these three types of trainings one way or the other, else your license to practice will not be validated. Unfortunately, it is the ministers that handle eternal souls that doesn’t value continuos trainings. Churches, church leaders detest training. We preach against it, work against it and do everything to minimize quality training in modern churches and ministry. We believe the myth that once you are called and anointed, you have all the training you will ever need in ministry. Which is a big lie of the devil to destroy!


The greatest tragedy of modern ministry is the jettison of quality training for would be ministers. Today, Chruches provide shallow, fickle, secular and two weeks, one month training for gospel ministers and pronto, commission them into life-long ministry of taking care of souls of men!

Small wonder we have incompetent, ineffective, sinful, content-free and ungodly pastors here and there. We have apostles that has never had personal encounter with the Living Christ. We have evangelists that should first of all be evangelized before they are label as evangelists. We have prophets who are not different from herbalists and occultic merchants. We have teachers who have never been taught, thereby damning the souls of men with esoteric, false and devilish teachings and doctrines.


No minister can truly make impact in ministry without continuos training and retraining. Ministry is a marathon, therefore, you will need all the preparation you can get. Ministry means continuos ministration, speaking, counseling, shepherding and providing relevant solutions to people’s problems. As you continually gives to people, where do you get your refill? If you don’t step aside periodically to refill your tank, you will soon dry up and experience burnout in ministry. Which has happen to many and they have dabble into demonic,evil angelic and occultic sources to meet their people’s expectations.

  1. Ministerial health demands that you attend 4-5 days quality conference and seminar twice a year.
  1. You will need theological, Missional, ministerial, problem solving, crisis managing, relational and capacity training and retraining in ministry.
  1. Change and complexity of modern world demands that you constantly update your ministry training, if you hope to be relevant.
  1. If you are shallow, empty and deficient in scriptural and practical knowledge of ministry, you will not attract and keep good people.
  1. What bring people to church is miracles,power demonstrations, but what keeps people in church is proper knowledge, skill, competent leadership and administrations. Which you can only get by constant learning and trainings.

According to Hosea 4:6, when ministers reject knowledge of God through continuos trainings, God Himself says He will reject their works! Don’t let God destroy your ministry, wake up today to update your ministry training. If you are a senior pastor, start to institute training in your ministry. Nobody must become anything in your church without proper and continuos training for effectiveness.

By His grace, I went to five different bible schools in the space of ten years. I have two diplomas,two bachelors degrees in theology, two masters and two PhDs in christian education. I finished in 1996, yet majority of what am doing today we’re not learned during my bible school days. I have been opportune to write 60 best selling books to pastors and church leaders, yet am still going for trainings and retraining in my area of calling. You can’t do less if you want God to use you mightily and you want your work to last and outlive you.

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