“Today, if he will hear his voice, harden not your hearts…..” Heb. 3:7-8

Today and everyday matters. What you do today and everyday will define your life. Live one day at a time, for that is the secret of impactful living.

The secret of a great and impactful life is in daily routine. What you do everyday will cumulate in the type of life you will live. Your worth and impact in life will largely be determined by what you do every day. Therefore, make sure you do these everyday, if you hope to amount to anything with God and with people.

  1. Fellowship with God in prayer everyday

You must seek His face before anything. You must fellowship with Him in private and personal prayers. You must spend time in His presence, so as to receive the grace,strength, power and enablement to live for Him. Kneeling before God everyday, makes you able to stand before any man. Luke 6:12. Mark 1:35

  1. Read, study the Bible everyday.

It’s crucial and important that you hide His word in your heart everyday before anything else. Take time to read, study the Bible systematically. You may use a devotional or simple bible reading plan. Psalm 119:9,11

  1. Praise the Lord everyday.

Show gratitude, appreciation to the Lord everyday. Come to His gates with thanksgiving and into His courts with praise for who he is, what he has done, doing, and will continue to do. Show His wonderful works and loudly praise His name.

  1. Listen to mentors/teachers everyday.

Learn from your bible teachers or mentors. Listen to quality tapes, advises and counsel from Godly mentors who can speak Gods very words into your life.

  1. Read quality books everyday.

Reading opens you up to the revelations that God gives to others. It exposes you, edifices you and impact you in no small measure. Create time to read others, if truly you want others to read you later in life.

  1. Deny yourself everyday.

Don’t allow your flesh to rule and dominate you. Say no to the fleshly desires and live a disciplined life. Don’t over indulge and pamper yourself. If you are a slave of your feelings, emotions and appetites, then you will kill yourself in installments. Practice spartan disciple in your life, because that will serve you in good stead in later life. Self indulgent living is death, while self disciplined life is right lifestyle.

  1. Forgive someone everyday.

Learn to practice daily forgiveness. Learn to release people from your heart. Don’t hold on to malice, hurts and injuries. Teach your heart to forgive and forbear with your friend, husband,wife, children and colleagues. It’s what you must do everyday.

  1. Pursue purpose everyday.

Find out God’s purpose for your life and pursue it everyday. You are not a mistake or here by happenstance. God has a plan for your life and you exist for His glory. So, seek His purpose for bringing you to this life and spend everyday pursuing that purpose in His strength.

  1. Seek His leading everyday.

Stop living the way you want, but the ways He wants for you.  Therefore, Seek His guidance and leading of His Spirit in everything. Commit your ways and works into His hand and He will direct your paths. It’s in His leadership you will find fulfillment and joy.

  1. Develop yourself everyday.

Seek to improve in every area of your life. Don’t be contented with who you are yesterday. Seek to be better today, not in competition with others, but with yourself. You must grow today, to better your yesterday. Invest in your personal development, so that you can grab hold of your better future.

  1. Overcome temptation everyday.

There are little, little temptations the devil will bring across your way everyday. In your words, thoughts, emotions, actions and behaviors, there will be temptations to sin, do evil and speak trash. Temptation is not a sin, rather, it is yielding to it that is sin. Therefore, Reject, renounce and overcome them by the blood of Jesus, name of Jesus. Victorious living over every satanic temptations is the key to promotion from God.

  1. Seek to be a blessing everyday.

Not only must you be blessed, but also seek to be a blessing to others. Uplift, edify and add Godly value to others by your lifestyle, words, actions, giving and investments in others. Selfish and self-centered living is the worst kind of life. Seek to be a blessing to others, because that’s the reason for your blessing. God didn’t bless you for yourself alone, but to be a mighty blessing to others.

  1. Obey God in His Word everyday.John 2:5

Whatsoever He says to you, do it. Obedience to the word and will of God for your life will open His storehouse of blessings upon your endeavors. What obedience will do, fasting and prayers will never do it. When you obey God’s leading for your life, God,Himself will obey you in prayers.

If you fail any day, repent and start again. Follow them until they become your daily habit and routine. If you seek to do these daily dozen, your life cannot but move forward with accelerated speed of Heaven. Whatever you do, make sure these are there everyday. Trust me, if you are able to practice these, even for only one year, your life will surely take a giant leap forward.

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